4 Activities College-bound Students Should NOT Do This Summer

From looking for the ideal summer jobs for students to just having fun, summer’s a time for friends, fun and partying. It is possible to make it work for you to get you into your college of choice, though. Here are things not to do this summer if you’re headed to college.

Let’s face it, colleges can be snotty. Admissions committees will see a new summer hobby as a personal affront and a way in which you won’t fit in. They want to see you doing something fancy and dramatic with your holidays, as well as examining teacher recs, essays and curriculum. Your summer jobs will matter more then you think strengths.

There are a few things not to do during the summer.

The number one of these is exaggerating. Don’t oversell yourself. It’s hard to not be tempted, but it’s better to be honest. Most colleges will do the background leg work to find out there that so called scholarship was really a summer job, and will simply knock you out of the programs. Also, don’t use social media for the wrong things. Another important no no is leaving your college essay to the last minute. Don’t do it. Rather take the time and effort to prepare properly. Lastly, avoid the temptation to sit on your hands and do nothing- almost anything you do is better than nothing.

So, what DO I do then?

In a perfect world, the answer is getting chosen for a competitive and prestigious program related to your future coursework or a passion you can demonstrate. In an even more perfect world, that would be in the form of a scholarship or some other kind of reward to look good on your presentation. Typical student summer jobs these aren’t, and they’re both scarce and difficult to make it in to, so it’s better to look at other alternatives

Remember that we mentioned using social media for the right reasons? Not stalking your ex, but generating a provable history of following tweets, pages and more related to eminent people in your future field will make you look better on paper. And if you can swing a summer job that’s focused in a similar field, so much the better.

And if I can’t’?

If you can’t, don’t despair too much. Working any kind of responsible student summer job will probably attract positive attention, so be prepared to show some work ethic rather than lazing around through the last sweet holiday of high school. You may even get lucky enough to land a job with a company that will offer a paid scholarship or an internship towards the studying you’re doing. But whatever happens, you’re demonstrating responsibility.

Another great way to demonstrate that responsibility, other than with a summer job, is by volunteering. Of course, there’s a temptation to think only flashy overseas volunteering will cut it- and these do look good on the college resume- but any kind of volunteer work that’s broadened your horizons will make you look good to the college.

Juggling a student summer job with the demands of creating your college resume can be tricky, but isn’t impossible.


Increase Your Career Opportunities with a TESOL Certificate

Today teaching English abroad is becoming an extremely popular career option. There are a lot of different opportunities available these days and it is a great learning and traveling experience. A lot of people are interested in teaching abroad, but in most cases they have no idea where to start.

And the answer to that question is a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. Today there are a lot of different programs available both online and offline which offer TESOL courses. All these programs are available to anyone who is over the age of 18, has social abilities and is interested in traveling for a career.

In fact, TESOL programs provide career-specific training to people who are interested in teaching English. With that certificate, you will have higher chances of getting an overseas career position

Increase Your Career Opportunities with a TESOL Certificate

As well, you have to understand that the more training and experience you have, the more likely you are to be hired. With TESOL courses you will get the needed experience and knowledge that a lot of employers are searching for and you will have a great advantage over other candidates. You will also get the training and confidence needed when you are hired.

If you get a TESOL certificate, there are a lot of work opportunities open to you. For example, you can be offered a job in private language schools, in colleges or universities, in primary and high schools, in private homes or even in businesses.Read More about TOSEL program at http://www.sit.edu/graduate/tesol-cert.cfm

Probably private language schools are the best place to start your career as the class sizes are small and the students are motivated to learn English. When you have more teaching experience, you could advance to teaching for private employers or businesses.

If you are considering teaching English abroad, then a TESOL certificate is the best way to proceed. It will provide you with training that will look great on your resume and that will make you stand out to foreign employers.301628985_cb67671669

English is one of the most important languages in the world because it is an international means of communication. For this reason there are many persons who teach English as a foreign language, and they also need a job like many of us. Then they certainly have to check out this tefl jobs site – this web spot was specifically designed for people searching for jobs in tefl. But don’t limit yourself – the Internet can be very helpful when looking for a job – just seek for tesol jobs and you will be presented a lot of results to investigate and choose from.

Teaching English Abroad – Be Physically and Mentally Prepared

Getting started in your career is something that is not easy to do. Today there are a lot of people who are lucky enough to find a place where they can grow professionally, but there are other people who still have to pursue various opportunities and test out various waters in order to find a place. And for some people who are not aware of it, teaching English abroad gives them an opportunity to make their dreams a reality.You can read more about teaching English abroad at http://ezinearticles.com/?Teaching-English-Abroad—Be-Physically-and-Mentally-Prepared&id=5696174

In fact, teaching itself is quite an essential career. It takes a lot of dedication and passion; and when you are a teacher, you are a parent to your students as well. But, there are still some rewards. If you are really into teaching, then it could reward you much more than you can even imagine. Especially if you are teaching abroad, you will find that you can discover and learn a lot for yourself.

You can take the opportunity to explore foreign countries, learn about different cultures as well as meet a lot of new people. And all these are not to mention that you will make money by teaching English abroad.

Teaching English Abroad – Be Physically and Mentally Prepared

However, it takes a lot of preparation. It is necessary that you are ready for different possibilities. In the mental field you have to know a lot of various strategies and approaches in English instruction to a foreign audience, as well as the fact that you have to take into consideration their different learning levels. In the physical case, you will have to adjust to different time zones, different cultures and different climates. In the professional field, you will have to know the differences in the languages so that you can find the necessary approach to teaching your students.

In fact, preparation to teach English in a foreign country is a great deal of work. A teaching background or a degree in education is not enough. Actually, when you teach English broad you are not just teaching a subject, but you are teaching an entirely different language. As well, you never know whom you will teach – adults or children – and thus it is necessary to know how to teach English to different levels of learners.

English is one of the most important languages in the world because it is an international means of communication. Due to this there are many persons who teach English as a foreign language, and they also look for a job like many of us. Then they certainly have to check out this tefl jobs site – this online resource was specifically designed for people searching for jobs in tefl. But don’t limit yourself – the Internet can be of great help when looking for a job – just seek for tefl jobs and you will be offered a lot of results to investigate and choose from.Teach English in Abroad is a good government job.

5 reasons why summer camp beats any other summer job

If you are looking for summer jobs this break time, they you want to really consider working at a summer camp. If you were lucky enough to go to summer camps when you were younger then you will already know just how fun they can be. If you have never been to a summer camp then now is your chance. It won’t be exactly the same as being at camp but it will still be just as fun! Just think about all those summer nights you could be spending next to a bonfire, which you built.

The friends

summer jobs for highschoolOne of the best reasons to work at summer camp is the friends you will make. There will be plenty of other people your age working at the camp too. Some will be working with you and some you will only see at group activities. Nevertheless you will be spending a lot of time with the people who help run the camp and you will make some good friends.


The Children

Another great reason for working at a summer camp is the children. You will be making the children’s summers unforgettable. If you are the type of person who loves working and spending time with kids then this is the perfect job for you. You will get to play and have fun with your group and make sure that their summers are really special. You might also find that some of the children will come to you with their problems, making you their confidant.

The experience

It has already been mentioned but the experience of being at summer camp isn’t one to be missed, even if you are the ones helping to run the activities. You will still get to take part in everything that makes summer camp fun, plus you won’t have the restrictive bed times that the children do. It’s almost like a working camping trip for a few weeks of your summer break. The time you spend at camp whether working or attending will be hard to forget.

The skill building

Summer camp isn’t just an experience either. It’s something that can sit on your CV and stand for a lot, if you want to work with kids in the future in particular. As working at summer camp teaches you all sorts of skills such as leadership, team building, confidence and the ability to work under pressure. All of these things are transferrable skills which any employer in the future will be looking out for. So getting them early and having fun while you are getting this, is the best way to go.


The fun factor

Summer camp isn’t going to be all laid back work but it is going to be fun. Not only because you get to take part in the activities but also because you will be have been the ones making them happened. If you want to have fun while you work then camp really is the best choice to spend your summer break.

Top five government jobs for students

If you are looking at serious student summer jobs then you might be thinking about applying for a governmental position. Not only will that look great on a CV but it will also teach you far more about the inner workings of the government than anything else. Not all governmental jobs pay though, so you need to make sure if you are not getting paid, that you can afford to get to and from your workplace. Second chances do not exist in the government so you can’t miss just miss a day because you can’t afford the travel fair.


find-internshipAn internship isn’t something that you can just walk into. It’s something that you need to apply for in plenty of time. Internships offer work experience in high level government jobs, however you do not get paid for your time and there are thousands of people ready to send in their applications. So sometimes it can be hard to even get a second look. Saying this though if you decide to take an internship and you do so early enough, then you might get your application in before all the others start to pour in. This gives you a better chance of being noticed.http://www.aeaweb.org/students/Careers.php

Public services

While this might not be a proper government job it is in a way. If you’re thinking about working in the public sector when you leave college then you might want to try and get a voluntary job in that sector during your summer break. Working in hospitals and alongside the police can be a really rewarding way of getting experience in your chosen field. Again though this positions fill up quickly so you will need to get your application in early. It might shock you just how many people are willing to spend their summer breaks working for free.

Entry level work

An internship will likely be shadowing a higher level government figure; entry level work is exactly what it says on the tin. Some people might think working in an entry level position is pointless however you have to keep in mind that you will be paid during the summer for your work. This means that you will have a little extra money, internships although normally higher level jobs, don’t pay.

Voluntary work

This isn’t the same as working for the public services or an internship. Doing completely voluntary work means that you are pure and simply volunteering. Normally you don’t have to worry too much about limited spaces because the government is always looking for a way of them getting more work done for less money. So if you don’t mind spending your summer running around after other people for free then voluntary work is the way to.

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Other ways of getting your foot in the door

IF you really want to work in the government but you don’t want to do it for free, then you could always consider other ways of getting into the business. Like taking a receptionist job or something like that. There are plenty of summer jobs in that line of work because of parents who have to take the summer off, to look after their children.read their latest comment for more information.

How summer jobs teach your teens about business

If your teen is just about to break up from school or college then they might be looking for summer jobs. While you might think that it will be good for them to earn a little extra money, you also need to think about the long term implications a job could have on your child. They are going to learn a lot from their first summer jobs and you want to make sure that they learn the right types of lessons.http://www.jobsandeconomy.com/three-myths-summer-camp-jobs/


summer_chores_for_kids_gardeningIf your child is thinking about painting or grass cutting this summer then you need to make sure they understand the work behind it. Going self-employed can be a great life lesson for your children so you want to encourage it.

Think about it, they will need to learn how to manage their time, money and work over the summer to make sure they are successful. If they really take the jobs on and apply themselves to it, then they could be getting a great insight into the business world and how it works.

A boss’s expectations

If your teen has got a job with a company or business then this will be the perfect time for them to learn a boss’s expectations of their employees. Your child might like to sleep in or push the school rules a little. They will quickly learn that in the real world there are consequences for this. This will be an outside of schooleducation for them.

It can be hard for a teen to fully understand the idea of having an actual job. No matter how many times you and their teachers tell them about it. So for them to experience it first-hand will really open their eyes to the world of work.

Living on a wage

If your child gets a summer job then let them live off their wage. Don’t give them any money for recreational activities but allow them to pay for it themselves. This will give them a real idea of what it is like to live off a wage. They might think that you are being unfair but in the long run they should learn to manage their money much better.

It might seem harsh at first denying your child money when they want to go out and do something with their friends. However they will quickly learn that the money they earn needs to last them until their next salary cheque. This is an invaluable lesson that your child will learn, as when they leave school and college they will have a much better idea of how to budget.

How summer jobs teach your teens about business

You may also want to think about charging them a little for living costs. Again this might seem harsh but it will teach them a tough lesson about the cost of living. If you charge them a small amount of room and board while they are earning they might think twice about asking you for money every time they run out. After all summer jobs can often turn into part time jobs once they go back to school or college.read her latest blog post for more information.

Three myths about summer camp jobs

When it comes to student summer jobs there is nothing quite like working at summer camp. It provides life experiences which you would never get in a shop or grass cutting. However people are often to put off from applying for these jobs because of the myths which surround them. Myths that make people think twice about the true value of working at a summer camp.

It’s just like being at camp

life_gaurding_at_summer_campOne of the biggest myths that surround working at a summer camp is that it’s just like being at camp. Often people think working at a summer camp is like going on holiday. So when they get to the camp and find out how much actual work there is, they are often shocked, however if you keep in mind the fact that this is a summer job and not a mini break you will be fine.http://www.snagajob.com/resources/summer-camp-counselor/

This isn’t to say though that you won’t have fun while working at a summer camp. You will still get to take part in many of the activities which the camp goers do. The only difference will be that you will help to set them up and guide the children in how to preform them.
It’s a laid back, relaxing job

Another common myth about taking a job at a summer camp is that it’s no work at all, just a relaxing few weeks with a salary cheque at the end. Again this is a common misconception of the actual job. Yes you will get to have fun and enjoy some summer activities, but you will also be expected to work and hard. It will be up to you to look after any children who are put under your charge, as well as cleaning and sometimes cooking.

So if you are going to summer camp because you think it will be easy, then you need to unpack your bags now. If you want an easy job then find some shop work or something that doesn’t take much physical work. By the time your weeks at camp are over, you will be looking forward to getting back home and relaxing for the rest of your summer break.

It isn’t a real job

This is a huge misconception about summer camp jobs. As often they are on a volunteer basis rather than a salaried basis. However this doesn’t mean that working at camp isn’t a real job. Having something like camp work on your CV can really make you stand out from the crowd. If you can get references from the camp then that is even better.
Employers will look at your previous work history to see if you have ever done anything like the job you are applying for.

summer worshop

If you haven’t they will look for transferrable skills that could make you better than the other applicants. Working at summer camp offers a huge range of transferrable skills from leadership to cooking. So if you can get a place at camp then don’t turn it down thinking it won’t stand for anything in the real world. It will actually stand for more than you think. It will certainly stand for more than grass cutting anyway.visit this website for more details.